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Teresina-PI, BR, 2017-2019

The full-time school located by the waterfront of Oleiros’ Lagoon, which is included in the “Parque Lagoas do Norte”, was inserted in the site in an integrated way with the proposed urban space around, as part of a system of spaces and public facilities resulted by the urban and environmental requalification of the Lagoas do Norte’s Program.
The school project begins with the reflection of creating an element that could respond to these two concerns: on the one hand, to have a low height of building, but with a high density on its east side (facing the city), and on the other hand, a natural space that includes the presence of a big body of water which is Oleiros’s Lagoon, that will be transformed into an important area of leisure and environmental preservation. In that way, a formal linear element was defined making a façade to the access venue, with some transversal elements, arranged in open angles that condition sight views to the Lagoon at the same time that, in a more organic way, interact with the natural features provided by the waterfront and the water.
The result consists in a landscape architecture project of organic arrangement, that proposes a ludic shape through cross-ventilation in its classrooms and its wide covered corridors and articulation patios.

City Hall of Teresina

Area / Budget
18.569,38 m² / BR $ 31.251.793,75

MPB Engenharia – Consórcio Teresina Sustentável

Robert de Paauw, María Fernanda Arias Godoy, Gabriela Amorim, Bruno Zopolato, Gabriela Franco, Luiza Amoroso, Melissa Ramos, Ana Kawazoe, Vinicius Andrade