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Teresina-PI, BR, 2013-2019

The urban and landscape design of the park, as part of the Urban and Environmental Requalification and Resettlements, included in the Lagoas do Norte Program (PLN), impacts the area located in the North Zone of Teresina, embracing 13 neighborhoods and approximately 92 thousand inhabitants, slightly over than 10% of the whole capital population.
The Lagoas do Norte Region is configured as a fluvial-lacustrine plain, comprised between the Parnaíba and Poti rivers, and a set of natural lagoons that in the past were up to 34 lagoons, formed by the channels of the Parnaíba River. Nowadays, left 12 lagoons with different dimensions and depths that should be the subject of future interventions. The scope worked by JDVDP were 8 of these lagoons and a channel, to the level of masterplan, basic and executive projects.
The Basic and Executive projects, developed based on the execution of the Masterplan of Requalification of the “Lagoas do Norte” Park, fulfilled the needs that emerged as part of the methodology of the strategic plan and the change of scales, at the same time, they became documents that materialized the project intentions, converting them in architectural, urban and landscape elements, that can be structured in three intervention axes to provide the comprehension of the solutions given to the proposed challenges, which consists in: CONECTIONS (MOBILITY): As an alternative to the daily routine pathways, it was proposed a system of green walking path, called “shaded corridors”, that articulates the squares and equipments located in the park to the existing urban grid, cycle paths, ecologic tracking, connection streets associated to parking lots and to the existing roads that aims the full integration with the Park.
NEW LOCATIONS (EQUIPMENTS AND MEETING SPACES): The recovery and delivery of green areas such as leisure and interaction spaces, are part of the guidelines of the urban and landscape project. Those spaces embody the squares (or “urban gaps”) and sports, educational and leisure facilities, such as administrative centers, playgrounds, sports court, Le Parkour areas, kiosks, fitness facilities, interaction areas, observation tower, full-time school, skate park, the “Encontro dos Rios Parnaiba e Poti” square associated to an event area in a municipal scale entitled “Polo Cultural Encontro dos Rios”.
INTEGRATION TO THE LANDSCAPE (VEGETATION, WATER PATHS AND ENVIRONMENT VALUES): The landscape project has the concept to restore the native flora that exists at the Lagoon surroundings and itself. This restoration is based on the recovery of the riparian woodland by cultivating arboreal native and bush species for both flood and non-flood zones. The chosen species are divided in three categories: “structural”, “attractive flowers” and “diversity” species.

City Hall of Teresina
World Bank – IBRD

Area / Budget
173,5 Ha / US$ 176.000.000

MPB Engenharia – Consórcio Teresina Sustentável

María Fernanda Arias Godoy, Gabriela Barbosa Amorim, Martha Hinter dos Santos, Guilherme Filocomo, Filipe Faria, Luiz Seo, Marcia Endrighi, Carme Machí, Ana Cristina Takeda, Luis Nishi, Katia Holz, Raquel Araruna, Bruno Zopolato, Gabriela Franco, Luiza Amoroso, Melissa Ramos, Ana Laura Kawazoe, Vinicius Andrade, Imma Jansana, Conchita de la Villa, Robert de Paauw

Daniel Sombra, Prefeitura Municipal de Teresina, Jose Ailson Nascimento