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Huesca, 2007

Miguel Servet Park has been formalized through the years following different performances, which, far from unifying the whole, have been established each of them separately with the intention of forming a new park within the original park. That’s why our proposal provides the basic principle to identify all parts of the site in order to give the park different uses from a global perspective. We first define the original structure to maintain and restore and then we propose more substantial actions in the surrounding areas, which correspond to the north and south of the park. In the northern sector, and replacing what is now a mixture of damaged elements, we propose to arrange the pine forest through the unification of the tree species in order to provide a space of walk. In the south, however, will be placed the main area of ??activities (fairs and sporting uses) and the new Park Bar. The main circulation axes (NS, EW) also receive special care. A semi pavement treatment and the dissolution of its boundaries are the traits they share. But it’s the new ride in the ditch (NS), which retrieves and integrates the watercourse, which, completed by the lake and the new building for Parks and Gardens, reinforces the long-distance communication and the cut between the park and the original latest scope of consolidation, characterized by more specific and independent action.

XII National award of the Spanish Association of the Public Parks and Gardens

City Hall of Huesca

Area / Budget
7 Ha / 9 M€

Matèria Verda, SL
Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw Arquitectes

Imma Jansana, architect; Conchita de la Villa, architect; Robert de Paauw, architect