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Igualada, 2006

The intervention consists in redefining the sidewalk of the park by integrating it and redesigning its limits with the stone surfaces so it can last through time. Some living areas were projected, on the shadow and the sunlight, with benches that help smooth the descends, working as elements for the reduction of the rain water speed, one of the main problems of the area. By planting shrubs and climbing vegetation, the space became more pleasant. The children playground was located in a place with short wooden lights, in the corner of the area. At the same time, both “petanca” tracks were requalificated with the addition of a third one. The excessive slope of the sand in this park, another problem arises. At some points, the transversal inclination drained on the cemetery wall, causing humidity. Rebuild these inclinations and make barriers with retention was another important point. Finally, the stone wall of the cemetery was restored, recovering the original stone.

Igualada City Hall


Area / Budget
3.200 m² / 318.000 €

Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw Arquitectes

Imma Jansana, architect; Conchita de la Villa, architect; Robert de Paauw, architect; Jordi Fàbregas, gardener master/ Barbara Pla Ortiz, technical agronomist and landscape designer/ Fernando Benedicto, technical architect

Lourdes Jansana