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Almeria, 2005

Puerta Purchena is the city center of Almería. As its name indicates, it was one of the medieval city doors. More than a square, it is about a crossway of converging pathways that enters the old city. From this door started the first expansion of Almería. In the year of 2004 the Puerta Purchena was a big crossroad of vehicles. The pedestrians circulated on small sidewalks. In that year, it was also being built an underground parking at the surrounding road, two of the vehicles access and one for pedestrians that should have been located at the same square. Our aim is to incorporate in this space, when it comes to an unique area, the immediate free spaces: Manuel Pérez Garcia square, the access to the old city and the San Sebastián square, the intersection of the first expansion of Almería outside the walls. With the aim of achieving a more domestic Puerta Purcena, as a meeting point for people, the crossroad was solved by minimizing the space for cars in order to increase the pedestrian space and it was proposed a pavement that enhances the built heritage of the surroundings. All the pavement for pedestrians is porposed in yellow marble Macael. The historical font of Cañillo was located in a spotlight position, and there were incorporated the vehicles and pedestrian accesses to the underground parking. We designed with a special attention the roads for the traffic flow, keeping all the planned connections. Therefore, resulted in large spaces for pedestrians, a large square in the South-east façade, connected to the M. Pérez Garcia square as a large access to the old city.


Almería City Hall

Area / Budget
7500 m² / 1.300.000 €

Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw Arquitectes
Maria José Lasaosa, Arquitecta

Imma Jansana, architect; Conchita de la Villa, architect; Robert de Paauw, architect