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Sabadell, 2002

The Caixa Sabadell Garden has a heritage, social and botanic value to the city. Although the dimensions are very limited , the historical baggage, the location right in the middle of the city and the botanical diversity are some of the main features that convert it to a unique, emblematic and welcoming place.
The project consists in two internal promenades at the garden, with two different types of pavements. In one side, there’s the pathway that comes from the Escola Industrial Street, in smoothed concrete with quartz powder, that connects the pedestrian access to the parking area. This pathway passes through the Market, a living area, with gravel floor that is shaped by two existing semicircular benches. The garden is surrounded, at south, by a Mediterranean forest, and at north, by a dune that has its limit at an amphitheatre, a redesigned lake, where there’s a projection of aquatic species and the main access to the Caixa’s building. This access is composed by a double stairs and a ramp, and the access for the pedestrians to the parking area is located on the other side of the garden.
From there, this pathway connects to the other, that remains the same as before, once it has no interventions. There’s a passage that passes in front of the Library to the Sant Quirze street, where the accessibility was improved through the addition of a ramp.

Caixa Sabadell

Construccions Arrevi

Area / Budget
2000 m² / 101.700 €

Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw Arquitectes

Imma Jansana, architect; Conchita de la Villa, architect; Robert de Paauw, architect; Josep Selga, biologist

Robert de Paauw