de Paauw architecture is an international office for urban design, landscape architecture, institutional and cultural buildings, housing, restoration and interior design established in Barcelona (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil) and Changzhou (China).

The team includes architects, urban and landscape planners that, together with a wide net of multidisciplinary collaborators in engineering, environmental, sociology, geology and economy consultants, are able of developing a large array of project challenges in all possible scales.

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08023 Barcelona

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The assignment and its program of needs
With a multi-disciplinary perspective guided by the s.w.o.t. analytics, strengths, weaknesses threats and opportunities, we start working in order to read the space, understand the problems and find solutions for the real needs.

Compilation and analysis of the available information:
Urban planning; topographical survey; soil analyses; geological study with possible landslides risk areas; hydrologic and hydraulic study with flood spots risk areas; socio environmental plan, waste management plans; public transport plans; orthophotos, photos and historical photos

Fieldwork and planning
Main pre-existences that define its identity; how do horizons interfere; how does rain water
drainage behave; respect the existing fauna and flora ; potential users; ensure universal accessibility;

Integration; drainage infrastructure integrated in the landscape; native species, local features and own resources; optimization of water use; optimization of constructions costs; little maintenance; useful spaces for people; …

The Project
Includes from the Pre-Feasibility Studies; Viability; Draft Project; Basic Project; Executive Project to Supervision and site Management.