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Teresina-PI, BR, 2017-2019

The Administrative Center Boa Esperança aims to create a building that enhances its surroundings and connect the employees, visitors and the community with the Lagoas do Norte Park, specially the Piçarreira do Lorival Lagoon. It identifies as a set of three volumes including a free span that creates a connection between the Boa Esperança Avenue to the Lagoon perspective. It is intended that the building appears as a soft materiality and that its porosity provided by the free span balance its volumetric whole with the typology of the surrounding buildings. This free span should work as a space of connection and passageway, but also as a space of interaction through a Cafe next to the Lagoon, providing a fun and pleasant space for the employees, visitors and the community.
These three volumes have distinct uses. The first volume contains an auditorium and work areas on the second floor, the second volume is basically composed by an atrium with footbridges, events and workshop spaces, and a third volume composed specially by working areas and client service.
The building was designed to offer a comfortable ceiling height, focusing on ventilation and thermal comfort. The central circulation of the building includes areas of interaction and kitchen units in each level, all oriented to the main span.

City Hall of Teresina
World Bank – BIRD

2.617,37 m²

MPB Engenharia – Consórcio Teresina Sustentável

Ana Kawazoe, María Fernanda Arias Godoy, Melissa Ramos, Robert de Paauw